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REFUND TERMS In the past our refund policy was misused and exploited by customers who created false reasons for refund but continued to use our software. Because of this our company now has a much stricter refund policy.


Accepted Circumstances

If a defect is found and our technical support staff cannot provide a fix or work-around within 14 days, a refund can be offered by our technical support team who will then ask you to email in .pdf with:

  1. A copy of your invoice - sent to you by email when you purchased.
  2. A description of the problem you found in the software.
  3. A signed statement that you have uninstalled the software and removed it from your computer.
Unaccepted Circumstances

We generally do not refund or exchange in these circumstances:

  • At any time after recieving support calls
  • Just because you made a 'mistake' when ordering.
  • Just because you changed your mind after ordering.
  • Because you purchased on the recommendation of someone not associated with FTS Software, then activating ticking the box to say you had tested it without really having tested it yourself.

Please note any requests for refund must be made before 2 days from the date you received the software. Your claim will not be eligible if you have not activated/ installed within this period and call in for a refund.