Frontline Technologies has taken over the automotive industry by storm. Customers of today’s time demand smart technology in their vehicles just as they experience it in their phones and computing devices. This rapid transformation in the automotive industry has led to many technologically advanced vehicles including those with AI, coming to the market.
Self-driven cars are the perfect example of the digital transformation in automotive industry. Self-driven cars are powered with technologies such as robotics, machine-learning and artificial intelligence. Mechanical operations are fast being replaced with digital technology.​​​​​​​
Vehicles today sport biometric systems for driver safety, sensors for better feedback and in-vehicle adaptive intelligence for better security.
Automotive industries are on a transformational journey with the help of cutting edge technology. Frontline Technologies is there to aid them in every step of the way. Cloud technology, AI, ML IoT and Blockchain – Frontline Technologies has the required expertise.

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