Center Of Excellence

Frontline Technologies Centre of Excellence is an initiative to improve and facilitate growth and development of its team. It works on a five-fold methodology which aids the workforce and nourishes them in skills and proficiency. The process includes Internship Training, Knowledge Improvement Program, Internal Projects, Agile Methodology and Exploring new opportunities. Throughout this training, initiatives such as program training, group discussions, workshops, technical training, hand-on project training, etc. refine the overall dexterity of the trainees. This is complimented actively by our one of a kind AgileMethodologythat delivers hands-on experience and knowledge on SCRUM framework for effective team collaboration on complex products.

Center of Excellence is equipped with latest technology labs, online and offline curriculum and with our FrontEx Cloud infrastructure. The trainees in each batch are instructed by experienced members of the organization, peer trainings as well as industry experts from outside of the organization.


Artificial Intellegence

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Internet Of Things

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Big Data

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Block Chain

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